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About us

Shall we get to know each other?

Kiwip is a French company founded in 2016 by 2 dads, David and Matthieu, after having undergone the terrible experience of losing sight, just for a few minutes, of their children. After 2 years of research and development, KiwipWatch was created, the first connected watch for 6–11-year-olds equipped with a SIM card.

New design, new features, new application

Thanks to its experience and listening to users, the Kiwip team, which has grown steadily over the past 4 years, has developed a brand-new generation of 4G watches: KiwipWatch 5. New design, new features, new application.

Kiwip wants to offer innovative solutions to all families around the world, so that everyone can access their technology and grow with peace of mind in a more secure environment. With Kiwip, autonomy is child’s play!

With the aim of protecting your youngsters from screens, social networks, lack of physical activity or a lack of interest in culture or education, Kiwip offers original and innovative access to practical, progressive and edutainment content, in partnership with companies that share its values. Attentive to its users, our team provides you with several means of communication, with the sole aim of improving the Kiwip experience.

Kiwip at your service

Our customer service and technical department work together to offer you quality and responsiveness.

To be as close as possible to its community, the communication team offers you fun and practical content on social networks and its blog, with partners that you’ll love. It also shares with you its promotional offers to thank you for your trust! Because the Kiwip adventure is you, thank you!

The whole Kiwip team.

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