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Much more than a 4G connected watch, the essence of innovation!

To ensure that freedom goes with peace of mind, keep a watchful eye on your children's activities by taking advantage of the latest technologies developed by Kiwip.

Stay in constant contact with your family and friends

Audio & Video Call, Voice Chat

Preconfigure the watch contacts via the Kiwip parent application, so that your child stays connected with their family circle and those who matter most.

They will be able to share their emotions and secrets with their loved ones via voice chat. Communicate with them via video calls in a secure environment with a Wifi connection.


Plan your child's day

Routines & Smart Events

Kiwipi accompanies your child on a daily basis.

Program the important events of their day from your parent application. Tooth brushing, homework time, birthdays, extra-curricular activities or other moments not to be missed...

Help them manage the organisation of their time, so your child will gain in autonomy, and you will have peace of mind.

Give your child a real virtual assistant


Browse through all the features of KiwipWatch 5 with Kiwipi artificial intelligence.
Designed to set the pace of your child's day, with its task reminder, it is also possible to ask it any question thanks to its integrated encyclopaedia and to learn no less than 7 languages thanks to its instantaneous translator...

An innovative way to learn while having fun, in a world where screens rule.


KiwipWatch 5 is suitable for school

School mode

In order to comply with the new school rules, Kiwip has developed the Classroom Mode.

The watch automatically disables all communication features and blocks access to its menu, according to the predefined schedule from the mobile application.

Help their concentration at school and feel reassured by following their position.

Get your children moving by monitoring their physical activity

Activities & Best Friend*

A combination of innovative features that your child needs in order to learn how to lead a healthy life.
Real time report of the number of movements performed, weekly classification, ... With the Best Friend* feature, give them the taste for a sporting challenge.

KiwipWatch 5’s can synchronise with each other to exchange sports data and offer challenges, which the children can then discuss via voice messages or secure calls!
Or parents, each new Best Friend* contact added is notified to you on the application.


Get peace of mind, even at a distance

Geolocalisation, Safety Zones and SOS Mode

With synchronised geolocation of your family members, keep a watchful eye on your child's movements.

Define recommended routes and safety zones in order to be alerted when your child is on the move. If necessary, the SOS Mode allows you to launch a video communication and to act quickly thanks to alerts sent to the circle of trust.

With Kiwipwatch 5, allow your child to discover the world with complete peace of mind.

Personalise the Kiwip experience without limit


From the mobile application, download scalable and qualified content.
Add additional apps from a Kiwip-approved selection based on the age and needs of your child.

This content is also yours and we are listening to you.
Discuss your needs and expectations with the team in order to develop the range of applications on offer.


KiwipWatch 5 works with a SIM card (included)

30€ discount For a €9.99/month Kiwip Plan subscription!

The Kiwip Plan

Subscribe to the Kiwip Service Pack (unlimited voice, data, international* communications, Kiwip services and support), pre-installed multi-operator SIM card. France: 12-month agreement, €9.99/month. Europe 27 + Switzerland and United Kingdom: 12-month agreement, €9.99/month.

The Kiwip Plan is designed to be the most suitable for your Kiwipwatch 5, offering you the best experience by automatically selecting the best available mobile operator according to your position. Enjoy optimal network coverage around the world and unlimited services.

* Countries included in the Kiwip Plan: Mainland France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The outermost regions are not included.

Free operator

Use Kiwipwatch 5 with any of the mobile packages that suit your needs, voice + data.

SIM format required: Nano. Twin SIM cards are not compatible.