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Welcome to the Kiwip Blog!

Category: News

Posted by: Kiwip

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The Kiwip Blog? What’s that?

Through our blog, you can find out more about Kiwip and its team. What’s its story? How did we develop our products and services? And much more!

In our constant desire to support you on a daily basis and to develop the autonomy of your youngsters, we will be able to share with you various posts and studies concerning learning, personal development and many other subjects concerning children.

Do you need ideas for activities to keep your children busy? Count on us to come up with some suggestions!

As the main objective is sharing, you will also be able to discover our partners and what the cooperation between them and Kiwip can bring you!

Pssst … Kiwip is a French company, so most of our posts will be in French. But don’t worry, some will also be published in English, and we will do our best to offer content in all of the site’s languages.

Enjoy your reading!

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Welcome to the Kiwip Blog!