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KiwipWatch 5

Much more than a connected watch

A true virtual assistant, this 4G connected watch for children aged 6 to 13 has been designed by parents to meet the needs of the whole family. Discover its new features now!


KiwipWatch 5

Kiwip Plan

KiwipWatch 5 works by using internet data. You will therefore need a subscription to use it.
Two options are available to you:

  • The Kiwip Plan: For €9.99/month, take advantage of an unlimited service (voice and data communications), provided and secured by Kiwip. By using our secure technology, you can always be sure of automatically benefitting from the best network available where you are. First direct debit after receiving your KiwipWatch 5.
  • Telephone package: Subscribe to a telephone package with the operator of your choice, making sure it is available in your home area.

A little colour?

Choose one or more pairs of extra bracelets for your watch (€14.99/wristband).

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14,99Read more

14,99Read more

KiwipWatch 5 + Kiwip Plan



KiwipWatch 5



Kiwip's commitments

Scalable content

Designed to adapt and respect a child's changing lifestyle as far as possible, the features evolve according to your needs. Let us know your ideas!

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A redesigned application

More ergonomically designed, scalable and secure, developed and maintained by the Kiwip team. Giving access to watch’s settings, to the geolocation map, it lets you communicate directly with your child!

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French and secure servers

Kiwip is a company based in France, our products are developed near Paris, and all your encrypted data is secured on our own servers!

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